Wezesha Chama Loan

The wezesha biashara loan is a product that sorts the needs of; People in groups/Chama’s members running existing businesses to acquire loans for working capital purposes. The loan is disbursed either to the group members or can also be done to the Chama. Group members qualify for amounts ranging between Ksh 30,000 to Ksh 200,000 and repay over a period of between 3 – 18 Months. Members co-guarantee each other as well as pledge movable chartels as collateral. This makes the product easy to access even for the women and youth who lack hard and landed collaterals.

Groups formed for investment purposes or for the acquisition of property or running joined projects e.g where the group wants to purchase land jointly. The loan is disbursed to the group and has a maximum limit of Ksh 5M.


      • The group should have a minimum of 5 active member
      • The group should be registered with social services.
      • The members MUST be willing to co-guarantee each other.
      • The group should have regular meetings.
      • For investment groups, suitable collateral should be provided.